"Wishing Petals"

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An Awesome Flight


Nervous tension
Hands are damp
Ears are plugged
teeth are clamped.

Lights go dim
The engine roars
Down the lane
the airplane soars

Wings outstretched
like a shiny bird
The idea to some
is quite absurd.

The cars grow small
the pressure builds
Hearts beat faster
Conversation stills.

Above the clouds now
Sky is blue
Settling in
not much to do.

Below the clouds
light clusters glow
Sleeping cities
Far below.

With gentle bumps
the airplane rides
through the dark
and windy skys

Through the dusk
and into night
It really was
An Awesome Flight.

-- Anna 2005

Moments in Time


My heart beats fast
My heart beats fast
A drum in the night
My stomach churns
butterflies in flight.

So out of reach..
What about tomorrow?
Will we be friends?
A memory? Or sorrow?

Decisions and Uncertainty
Doubts and Unseen Fears
Not knowing what lies ahead…
Happiness or Tears,

A risk?.. A chance?
I’ll take it
Even if only for awhile.
My rewards will be great
Your laugh, your smile.

So, let’s learn to love each other
The risk I’ll make mine.
I’ll cherish every second
Of these moments in time.



Whatever Happened?

Whatever happened to the quickening of my heart?
The fluttering of nervous butterfly’s?
Whenever we’re apart?

What ever happened to holding hands?
Walking in the moonlight?
Sighing on the sand?

Whatever happened to the way you spoke my name?
How it melted my heart?
Will I ever feel the same?

Whatever happened, it’s all been swept away
Time to move on
The beginning of another day.

--- Anna~

times gone past

Dreaming of times gone past, when time moved slow, and memories did last.
To sit and watch the sun set down, not driving home with a frown,
With windows open.. smells of pine, no air conditioner unit whine,
No sounds of DS games I hear, just whistling birds delight my ears.
The sights and sounds of small farm life, to hear it now, might ease my strife.
But how to fund this dream of mine? Come on Lord, send me a sign!

--- Anna

No coward soul is mine,

No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere:

I see Heaven's glories shine,

And faith shines equal, arming me from fear.

--- Emily Bronte