"Wishing Petals"

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About Us - The Family

familyI am a single Mom of two beautiful teenage girls. My 3rd daughter, the oldest, 26 yrs old, lives up in Marquette, MI. I try to look at the positive in life and not dwell on the negative or let it keep me down. I am going to college to complete my degree, I have a job that I enjoy and the future looks brighter every day.

I have always been interested in photography. I am the type of person that has a large stack of photo albums and I love to look through them. I have numerous interests, such as crafts, sketching, writing poetry and short stories, singing, reading, raising baby animals, and much more. I find that it is hard to decide which interest to pursue! Most of my photography subjects are nature, kids and animals. I have 1 small Chihuahua, and 2 indoor/outdoor cats.

My oldest daughter, Kelly, also takes wonderful pictures. She was asked by my younger sister, Cyndi, to take photos at her wedding because of how good she is in setting up a wonderful photo. Kelly is living up north in the UP and working as a bar tender. I believe that she will succeed at anything she puts her mind to. She has written many poems and I hope that I can share some of them here, with her permission. She has written songs, and has a wonderful singing voice. Her strong spirit is yearning to travel the world and experience life in "full-color". I am very proud of my first born daughter!

My middle daughter, Amanda, 18 years old, is blossoming into a young lady. Though she still wears the casual jeans and t-shirts of a tom-boy, I can see the beautiful young lady she is becoming. She loves animals and is a budding artist in her drawing and sketching. She is like a flower, small and pretty, but not fully bloomed. In her lovely brown eyes, I can see a desire to be loved and appreciated and a strong urge to be somebody spectacular. She is very unique and imaginative and her anime drawings are really spectacular!

My youngest daughter, Jenna, just turned 17 years old. She is the happy clown in the family. With her large, bright blue eyes and freckled face, she is a natural model for many of my photographs. Her kind heart and generous personality make her a great friend at school and she has many classmates that vie for her attention. Though her compromising spirit is endearing, she tends to get the short-end-of-the-stick sometimes and we are working on getting her to stand up for herself when it is necessary. When she is grown, I could see her, as a doctor, or a counselor. She is also an avid writer, creating imaginative stories at school and at home. Maybe she be a famous published author someday!


No coward soul is mine,

No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere:

I see Heaven's glories shine,

And faith shines equal, arming me from fear.

--- Emily Bronte